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Utilize BBT resources and establish regular time in God's Word and community with others striving to connect their faith and work.

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Resources designed for busy, working people.


Unique BBT 1-2-3TM
format for workplace application


Technology simplifies small group execution, and communication


Equip and empower
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Biblical leadership


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treasure expanding
God’s Kingdom globally

BBT 1-2-3™ Curriculum

BBT curriculum (a.k.a., the “BBT 1-2-3™“) is designed for busy, working people in a unique 1-2-3 format: 1-Agenda, 2-Group Leader Guide (GLG) and 3-Recap. The Agenda gives an illustration and scripture based questions for applying Biblical principles at work. The GLG helps anyone facilitate the discussion (with less than 1 hour of prep per week). The Recap is a summary, designed to encourage community and accountablity between meetings. New volumes are added regularly and are adapted from theologically sound sources from a variey of Christian backgrounds.

Easy Connectivity with Go!Connect

BBT's web-based and mobile app platform distributes the Bible study curriculum, meeting details, and private group communications.

Reduces administrative time

Delivers consistent curriculum format

Enhances fellowship, encouragement, and accountability

Manages group dynamics & meeting details

Sends prayer requests & meeting recaps

Private meeting rooms & messaging

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